Cyclone Gabrielle

We were relatively lucky compared with many growers who were affected by Cyclone Gabrielle.  One block of oranges (approx 1/3 of our summer oranges) was left unusable for juice due to flooding.  This has meant we have had to limit the amount of juice we make each week in order to be able to continue supply through to August when the winter variety (Navel) oranges will be ready.

This is nothing compared to what some growers have lost with many field cropping growers loosing all or significant amounts of their crops. 

The true losses will not be know for up to 18mths as many field crop growers are still struggling to harvest crops due to saturated ground. 

Tree crops had already had flowering affected by spring rainfall and many are also now flowering out of season which for crops such as apples is not ideal as the disease risk and impact on plant health will further impact on next season.