About us

Hill Road Orchard is located in the Ormond township just outside of Gisborne.  

Our small orchard is run by us, Cath and Matt, with "help" from our boys, Harry and Jack. The orchard enjoys a unique climate which allows us to grow fruit that is full of flavour and goodness.

We aim to use make the most of all that is produced on our orchard from the fruit itself to by-products such as our fruit peel.

Hill Road Orchard fruit is grown using sustainable methods - what does this mean?

We grow in a way that promotes beneficial insects and protects the environment.

In order to achieve the intense, delicious flavour of our juice we grow our fruit slowly in the Gisborne sun allowing the full flavour to develop. 

What makes Hill Road products so special?

Hill Road products are made using only the best fruit, by people who are passionate about what they do. Our juice is made from fruit harvested fresh weekly then prepared and chilled in accordance with our food safety plan. We make fresh juice every single week, and to retain its great flavour, its unpasteurised. Yes, this means it has a shorter shelf life (10 days), and means we can only sell it in Gizzy, but that all helps make it so special!

Our jams, chutneys, concentrates and other products are made using high quality ingredients and fruit grown right here in Gizzy either on our orchard or by other amazing local growers.

We are also proud to support other local producers by promoting and retailing the amazing products made right here in Gisborne via our online store.



Our Trees

Some of our trees are over 50 years old! The orchard is well known in Gisborne for the flavour and quality of the fruit it produces. We have two varieties of oranges - Navels which are a Winter to Spring harvest and Valencia which are Summer to Autumn harvest. This mix of varieties allows us to produce fresh fruit and juice all year round.

We do things differently

We use as few inputs as possible. Instead using management techniques such as pruning to assist with pest management.

Our fruit are allowed to ripen to full maturity in the Gisborne sun. This produces a full and unique flavour in our fruit, and of course, our juice.

Harvested to order

We harvest fresh fruit every week for our juice. As the fruit hangs on the tree until we harvest, it continues to develop its flavour. So, the flavour of the juice, follows the seasons too.