Autumn - Marmalade

Autumn is well underway and we are preparing our autumn Marmalade range.  The Ruby Red Grapefruit marmalade has a unique colour and flavour.  This unique grapefruit has deep red/orange colour with an aromatic flavour.  Not as tart as a traditional grapefruit marmalade it is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

In our Marmalade range we also have a Sweet Navel Orange Marmalade.  This product is made from ripe Navel oranges and is sweet rather than tart. We created this product after our son went through a phase of wanting 'marmalade sandwiches' but didn't like the tartness of traditional marmalade.  As it contains no grapefruit it is also suitable for those who like Marmalade but cannot eat grapefruit.

If you are after something very different we also have a Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Marmalade. This is a tart, slightly bitter Marmalade with a hint of Tahitian lime.