Makrut Lime Marmalade- 200g

Hill Road Orchard

Product Info

Our Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Marmalade is the perfect addition to delicious curries or even on toast.

Markut fruit has a very short season so we developed a product to enable customers to enjoy its unique flavour as a cooking ingredient or condiment all year round.

While we do call our product a 'marmalade' it is actually designed to be used as an ingredient in curries and sauces all year round.

Made using Makrut Lime fruit, pure Tahitian Lime juice and raw sugar this 'marmalade' has a unique flavour.

The combination of bitter, sweet and citrus flavours make it perfect for adding another depth of flavour to curries, sauces or as a condiment on its own.


ingredients: Makrut Limes, Tahitian lime juice, sugar, water, pectin, citric acid, tartaric acid