About Us
We bought our 6.7 hectare citrus orchard in 2010, following a number of years of looking for a suitable property. The orchard was in poor condition when we bought it, and we are slowly bringing it back to full production, using a variety of techniques, including pruning, improving fertility, and managing the historical issues in the orchard.
The orchard has two types of oranges, Valencia, and Navel. These varieties enable to have excellent juicy fruit, all year round, which is a must for the juicing business!


We also have small numbers of other trees including Meyer and Lisbon Lemons, grapefruit, mandarins, limes, feijoas, and even bananas!
At Hill Road, we grow fruit in a sustainable manner, using cultural practices such as pruning and enhancing tree health as well as targeted use of some selective chemistry. The aim is to get the balance correct in the orchard, so, for example, we increase our populations of beneficial insects like Steely Blue Ladybirds, which in turn, control problem insects like whitefly and mealy bug.